Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Rock Canyon


Before flying into Las Vegas yesterday, my friend Bill Billock and I had planned to meet and do a trail run in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is only about 15-20 miles from the Vegas Strip.  He picked me up from my hotel in the early afternoon and we started our run from the visitor center parking lot.  After talking with an employee there we decided to do the 11 mile “Grand Circle” loop.  The scenery was awesome, with beautiful rock cliffs and sandstone.  During our run we noticed rain clouds all around us (mainly above the mountaintops) but we never ended up feeling a drop.  The funny thing was when we had finished and got back to our car, we noticed that the ground was soaked at the visitor center while we were out on the trail.

Click Here to view all the photos taken during our run

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PizzaMyMind said...

Thanks for the post and the pictures! A buddy of mine and i are going to do something similar before a guy's weekend in Vegas this coming March.