Friday, May 7, 2010

Bald Eagles in Brecksville!

Station Road Bridge

This afternoon my sister came up to my place and we drove over to the Station Rd. bridge in Brecksville for a short 5 mile trail run and to check out the bald eagle nest that everyone has been talking about lately.  From the Station Rd. bridge parking lot you have to hop on the Towpath and then head north for approx. a 1/2 mile.  The viewing area is indicated by a couple signs and the large nest can be seen to the left in the distance. 

When we first arrived, one of the two adult eagles was sitting right on a branch above the nest.  After awhile a group of birdwatchers came along and we were lucky enough to view the eagles and take photos with my camera through this lady’s viewing scope.  Right now there are at least 2 adult eagles and 2 eaglets in this nest.  This was my first time seeing a bald eagle in the wild and it was a neat experience.  They are very powerful looking.

Eagle on Branch    Eagle and Eaglets

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