Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mill Creek Park - Storm Damage

To take advantage of the perfect sunny 80 degree day today, my brother and I decided to drive over to Mill Creek Park to record some video of the Youngstown 50K course, which I will soon post on the race website. This will allow runners to get a better perspective of the course, especially where there are important turns to make.

On our way to Mill Creek Park we decided to stop at A&W and pick up a few foot long coney dogs and fries. After eating lunch, we started taking videos and pictures of the course and noticed the large amount of damage that resulted from last Friday's storm that blew through Youngstown. There were reports of hail as large as softballs and winds gusting over 65 mph! Luckily the 50K course was in pretty decent shape but once we got up by Lanterman's Mill we noticed a sign saying that the Mill was closed due to storm damage and also a sign stating that the boardwalk path north of the Mill was closed due to unstable soil. Hopefully the park will have the boardwalk fixed by September since it is part of the 50K course. The good news is this section is highly traveled by visitors, which should put it on the top of their priority list.

The rest of the pictures we took will be posted on the race website soon.

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