Saturday, March 1, 2008

BHTM Concert

This evening my brother and I drove up to Cleveland for the Big Head Todd & The Monsters concert that was taking place at the House of Blues at 8pm. Street parking is free on the weekends and we were lucky enough to find a parking spot by a meter that was right next to Flannery's Irish Pub & Restaurant and the alley that you have to walk through to get to the House of Blues.

This is a pretty neat one-way street that has quite a few new establishments including The Corner Alley, Lola, Hilarities, and Pickwick & Frolic.

Since I knew that Flannery's has good stuff we decided to go there before the concert for food & drinks. Unfortunately we found out that there was a George Strait concert taking place at Quicken Loans Arena tonight so we had to listen to country music that was being played and watch people come in with cowboy hats & boots on. We left Flannery's sometime after 7:00 when the doors of the House of Blues opened to listen to the opening act - Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly. He had a pretty good voice and was an interesting character. Before singing one of his songs "Winter Coat" he told everyone how much colder it was here in Cleveland than in the land down under.

I looked around as Paul Kelly was wrapping up and saw that the place was really starting to fill up now. I think it was probably close to a sell out tonight. Luckily we were able to stand about 5 feet from the stage the entire night. For $17 you really can't get a better atmosphere than this. I try to only go to concerts at small venues like this because you really get your money's worth.

As they got ready to announce Big Head Todd & The Monsters you could feel the anticipation in the air. The crowd was really pumped up right from the beginning and the excitement continued to build as each song was played. Todd sang incredible tonight and had some awesome guitar solos, the drummer was really into it, and the bass guitarist kept a great beat as always. To quote someone from the message board on Big Head Todd's website, "I had more fun at this concert than at any other in the past. The audience was so friendly with one another that it felt like a huge high school reunion." I couldn't agree more... My brother and I met quite a few nice people tonight and had a great time! Here are some videos that we took and a list of the songs that were played... I'm already looking forward to seeing them play again soon!

Song List

1. Cashbox
2. Again & Again
3. Magdelina
4. Sister sweetly
5. Secret mission
6. Bittersweet
7. Kensington line
8. Flander's fields
9. Please don't tell her
10. Circle
11. How easy
12. Friend of the devil
13. Resignation superman
14. Fortune teller
15. B.H.S
16. Tomorrow never comes
17. Cruel fate
18. Come on
19. Angela Dangerlove
20. Spanish highway
21. Under a silvery moon
22. Blue sky
23. Her own kinda woman (encore)
24. Conquistador
25. Boom Boom
26. Beautiful Rain

The beginning of their first song, Cashbox

Again & Again


Bittersweet (guitar solo)

Kensington Line

Flander's Fields

Please Don't Tell Her

Resignation Superman

Angela Dangerlove

Spanish Highway

Blue Sky

Her Own Kinda Woman (sax solo)

Boom Boom

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