Monday, June 30, 2008

Boston Store Night Run

From left to right - Heath Harris, Jim Harris, Kurt Osadchuk, me, my brother Jeff

Tonight my brother and I met at the Boston Store around 7:00pm. The plan was to start from there and run on the Buckeye Trail towards Pine Lane until we ran into Jim and his son Heath. Then we would come back to the Boston Store where Heath ended his run and we picked up Kurt. At this point we had 2 miles in according to my GPS watch. After Jim stopped at his van to refuel we were off towards Snowville Rd. via the Buckeye Trail. The trail was dry in many spots but very sloppy in other areas; mainly the low lying sections. We had a great time on the trail and enjoyed the relatively cool temperatures in the upper 60s. A nice break from all the heat and humidity we've been having.

There was a beautiful sunset that we could see through the trees as we headed downhill closer to our turnaround point at Snowville Rd. The bright orange glow was streaking through the trees and we all wished that there was an open area on a ridge so that we could see it better. As it got dark, I borrowed one of Jim's handheld lights since I forgot mine in my car. By doing this, I think I just added another item to my running wish list. It has four or five different settings and when it is on it's brightest setting you can see just about anything. Click Here to check it out. It's made by Fenix and it's called the L2D Premium Q5.

Here's a couple other photos from the run tonight. A view from the powerlines looking east (the clouds had a nice color here too) and a photo of Kurt "OPod" Osadchuk running through the darkness.

Upon returning to our vehicles at Happy Days, we enjoyed some refreshments and some Pizza Hut pizza that Jim had picked up after leaving work. A great evening overall and a total of 12 miles completed.


Kim said...

Man, Heath is now taller than Slim!!

Slim said...

And way way way way way way way way way way way faster.

Eric is 5'9' now as well. I think Eric grew 4 inches since Christmas.

Great run last night.

One of these Years you need to make one Kimba.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

No lizard Beer?

Brian said...

We didn't go to the Winking Lizard but we still enjoyed some refreshments afterwards.. wink wink..