Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Hill Training

This evening my brother came over to my place for a treadmill workout at my fitness center. I was planning to do some more hill work so I set the incline at 15% and walked at 3.5 mph for 15 minutes. Then I lowered it down to 10% for the next 15 minutes, raised it back up to 15% for the next 15 minutes, and then finished up at 10% to complete an hour of uphill walking. I could tell that I was feeling good and decided to complete my workout by running a 7 minute mile. We then headed over to the Winking Lizard to watch the end of the Cavs game and have some well deserved food and beer.

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Slim said...

OK. I will admin that I was too weak to go outside this morning.

Here was the workout.
10 min on the bike to warm up.
Run 2 miles
walk 10 min @ 15% @ 4.0 mph
run 1 mile
walk 10 min @ 10% @ 4 mph
run 1 mile
walk 10 min @ 10% @ 4 mph
run till the miles equals the distance at 10 min/mile
Ended up with 7.3 miles in 73 mins.

One of my longest treadmill runs in years.

Tomorrow I am back out side for a long run. Glad that I got the hill work in and glad that I had a great DVD to watch.