Friday, February 8, 2008

KSU Rec Center

Late this evening I headed over to Kent State to workout with my brother at their rec center. Each semester he gets one free visitor pass so I decided to use it tonight. Rather than run on the treadmill we decided to run on the upstairs indoor track which overlooks 3 basketball courts. The track surface is pretty nice. It has a little give to it but it's still a lot harder than trails. To complete a mile you have to run 7 laps, which seemed easy at the beginning but eventually we could both feel our left shins getting a little sore. I guess that's because you are constantly turning left to make a turn on the track and over time it starts to wear on your body. So, we called it quits at 3 miles and used the hot tub and the sauna. This is by far the best part of using any rec center. It helps make your recovery time a lot shorter after a run.

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