Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular

Tonight my friend Steve and I headed to downtown Cleveland to see the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular at Playhouse Square with my other friends Derek and Brian. Before meeting up with them we stopped over at the Winking Lizard for dinner and some drinks. Then we drove over to Playhouse Square and met up with them. Derek had won these tickets through a radio station contest and they turned out to be great seats. The retail cost was $18 each. We were in the first row of the upper section as you can see from the photo above.

The show consists of 3 large screens with multiple lasers, lights, and other effects to the music of one of my favorite all time groups Pink Floyd. I wasn't really sure how good the show would be but once it got started I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone got 3D glasses to wear that basically refracted the light from the lasers and made everything appear larger and more dramatic than it actually is. While wearing your glasses the 3 big screens on stage appeared to be 6 screens instead. I guess it's basically like an acid trip without being on any drugs. I would be willing to bet that there were quite a few individuals in the audience that were on something though.

Here are a few videos I took during the show. I would definitely be interested in seeing this show again if it comes back to Cleveland next year.

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Jeff said...

Looks like a pretty awesome show!