Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hectic weekend

While at work Friday I got a call in the afternoon from my mom who said that her mother had fell at home and had to go to emergency because she was unable to walk. At the time they weren't sure if she had done anything serious but she was taken in to get x-rays. So once I left work I stopped over at the hospital and was going to wait until the results were complete. We were waiting forever though, as you usually do in a hospital, so I headed back home.

The next morning my dad called to say that my grandma had cracked the ball in her right hip and had to undergo surgery Sunday morning to replace it and also to insert a metal rod to connect the ball with her leg bone. This was not good news, especially since she's 92 years old and had just finished recovering from a massive heart attack last year which required her to get a stint and a pacemaker put in. In the past she's also been able to get past colon cancer, 2 broken shoulders, and a broken collarbone.

I had originally planned to run 31 miles on the Buckeye Trail Sunday with my friend Mike and Kurt, but plans had now changed since my grandma's surgery was going to be at 7:30 Sunday morning. So, I decided I better at least go for a run today. I ran 5 miles around my neighborhood at a decent pace before driving to Warren in the evening to see my running buddy Bob, who was in town from San Diego for his son's first communion party. It was good to see him again since it had been about 3 months since he moved out there for work. I also had a good time hanging out with my other running friend Jim, his family, and some other people that I knew at the party.

This morning I woke up early and went over to the hospital with my family and grandfather. After waiting for a couple hours the doctor came in and said that everything went well and that my grandma would be back up and walking the next day hopefully. That was great news. She is really incredible for her age and continues to amaze all of us. After getting back home I watched the Cavs beat up on the Wizards to go ahead 3 games to 1 in the first round of the playoffs. Then Tami and I went for a good 2-hour walk in the Cuyahoga Valley since it was such a nice day (sunny and mid 60s). We parked at Happy Days and walked from there to the bathrooms at the top of Kendall Hills (Pine Hollow) and back. I'm pretty tired tonight but I'm looking forward to getting in some more runs now that the events of the weekend have calmed down. This week will start off cold with a chance of a snowflake on Monday (can you believe it's almost May?) but then warming up as the week goes on.

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