Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kendall Hill Repeats

My brother and I headed over to Kendall Lake this afternoon to plot out a 2 mile loop for an upcoming FA run I have planned called "No Frills, Just Hills". The basic idea will be to run as many loops as you can in a 6 hour period. Runners will be able to re-fuel at the Kendall Lake parking lot (start/finish area) and also at the Pine Hollow restrooms. Stay tuned for details.

Jeff and I were surprised that on our very first try today we measured out an exact 2.0 mile loop, so we decided to continue running the same course and finished up with a total of 3 loops equaling 6 miles. The weather was great today.. sunny and low 60s. Let's keep our fingers crossed that spring has finally reached N.E. Ohio!


Kim said...

Hey that's a cool idea. A good way to sneak in some hill training too. Wish I lived closer so we run more together!

Brian said...

It will be good training 3 weeks before Mohican if you're able to make it. Yeah, I wish you lived closer too!