Saturday, December 27, 2008

2nd Annual Waterfalls FA

Group Photo at Lock 29 (over 50 runners!)
This morning I drove over to Lock 29 in Peninsula to run this year's Waterfalls FA 30K Trail Run which was set to begin at 7:30 am. This run was thought up by NEO Trail member Nick Billock last year and is meant to be a celebratory run that takes place the last Saturday of each year. This year's run will definitely be remembered as a new record temperature of 65 was set, breaking the old record which dates back to the 1930's. When I woke up this morning sometime after 6 I was surprised to see that the temperature was already a balmy 55 degrees!

I knew this weather would help attract a lot of people for today's run so I tried to arrive at the Lock 29 parking lot a little early (around 7:10). About 5 minutes later the parking lot was already full. I chatted with some people while waiting around for my friend Bob to show up and after a group photo we were off and running. If you're wondering the route for this run, here it is....

Leave Lock 29, head out to Route 303 and go up old brick road to Pine Lane trail head. Take Buckeye Trail to Boston Store. Continue on Buckeye Trail after crossing Riverview. After crossing Boston Mills Road, we'll shortly turn right off of the Buckeye Trail to visit the Blue Hen Falls...Kodak Picture Stop #1. After some brief navigating around water and trail, we'll arrive next at Buttermilk Falls...Kodak Picture Stop #2. We're now directly behind the Boston Mills Ski Resort. We'll emerge from behind the resort, most likely scaring a few workers and cross back over Riverview to the Boston Store. Next up, we'll travel to the Brandywine Falls via the Towpath/Stanford/Brandywine Trail. At viewing area, Kodak Picture Stop #3. Return to Boston Store and re-trace steps back to Pine Lane and to Lock 29.

Once we hopped onto the Buckeye Trail at Pine Lane it didn't take long for everyone to figure out that today was going to be a very wet and muddy day on the trails. Snow melt and rain leading up to today's run led to lots of slipping, sliding, and occasional falling. It also intensified the streams and waterfalls. Here's what it looked like out there...

Warm weather at the end of December, trail time with all my running buddies, and beer at the Winking Lizard afterwards. It just doesn't get much better than this! Bob and I ran together for most of the day and we ended up finishing with a total of 15 miles. Here are some photos that pretty much sum up the day...

Bob and I heading downhill towards the Boston Store

Stream crossing

Large icicles and a stream crossing on our way to Buttermilk Falls

The fog was pretty cool through here

Buttermilk Falls

New bridge that was recently built en route to Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls

Group photo at the top of Brandywine Falls

Heading back to Pine Lane

My legs towards the end of the run


Kim said...

Sigh. Looks like a great time. How many runners showed up?
I liked the pic of the girl in shorts crossing the stream with the icles.

E-Speed said...

Looks like I missed out on a fun run!

Brian said...

Kim - At least 50 runners..

E-Speed - It was definitely a good time.

Clara said...

Is the course actually marked or do you just run by memory? And do you guys actually race and try to beat each other or do you just all have fun?

Looks like you had a lot of fun; I'm jealous!

Brian said...

No need for course markings. It's a pretty easy route if you're familiar with the area. Plus, there's always someone that you can follow. We don't compete during these runs. Just enjoy being out on the trail.