Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boston Store to Snowville Rd.

Stairway to Heaven

Derek picked me up tonight and we headed over to the Boston Store in the Cuyahoga Valley to run the Buckeye Trail up to Snowville Rd. Originally I had thought that this run would be 4 miles out to Snowville Rd. and 4 miles back, but as we continued on our run I realized that this run is actually 5 miles each way, so we would end up with a total of 10 miles. I guess the last time I ran this trail was longer than what I thought... As we reached Snowville Rd. it was beginning to get dark and since we didn't have any headlamps we decided to head back to the Boston Store on Boston Mills Rd. This cut the run a little short and we finished with a total of 7 miles. We had a solid run though as we power walked the uphills and ran the rest.

Here are a couple photos taken midway through the run as you come out of the woods and into the clearing, giving you a nice view...

Towards the end of our run we had another encounter with Bambi.. Except this time she had her baby with her and I was able to snap this quick photo... This picture is blurry but you can see the small deer in front of the mother. It looks almost like a baby giraffe.

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