Sunday, September 2, 2007

Woodcock Dam Run

My sister Jamie and I drove about 15 minutes from her apartment over to Woodcock Creek Lake today to do a 5 mile run. We started out by going over the 1 mile paved path that runs over the Woodcock Dam. This section is very scenic to your left and right, but the path is straight as an arrow the whole way and seems to take forever to complete.

Halfway on the path

After the first mile we then continued onto a path made of very fine gravel which traverses through the woods. This trail was pretty nice with lots of trees and open fields and reminded me of pictures I have seen of Idaho.

The first half of this trail is slightly uphill once you get into the woods and isn't noticeable until you turn around and head back the other way. I could tell that we both increased our pace significantly on the way back. Once we hit the paved bridge for our last mile we turned it up and made a strong finish to the car.

Video of Woodcock Creek Lake

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