Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meadville / Erie, Pennsylvania Trip

Tami and I drove about an hour and a half today to visit my sister in Meadville, PA. She has been living there since the beginning of the year and works at the Meadville Tribune. After arriving we decided to drive another half hour to Erie, PA to grab a bite to eat and visit my alma mater, Penn State Behrend. We parked next to my old dorm, Ohio Hall, and then walked some trails that are nearby. The campus is really landscaped well and they have some nice trails with waterfalls and gorgeous views. Plus it is not very far from downtown Erie and the lake. This was one of the reasons that I decided to attend college here.

A view of the gorge from the overlook

Ohio Hall

My sister, Jamie

While I attended Penn State, Tami was going to school at Bowling Green State University, so we dated long distance for about 3 years. When she would come to visit me we would enjoy hiking the trails near campus and exploring the gorge. One day we ended up carving our initials into a tree back in 2000 (the year we met) so today we decided to stop and check it out. Sure enough it was still there...

After leaving campus we drove up to Lake Erie for some food/drinks at a place called Coconut Joe's, which is part of the new "Boardwalk Complex" that includes Dream Nightclub. They named this area Boardwalk since it is right next to one of my old favorite bars "Park Place". To complete the Monopoly board there is even the Erie police station across the street! I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Coconut Joe's and the way that they decorated the outdoor bar/patio. It almost made you feel like you were in Cancun with the muraled walls and tiki hut seating areas.

After dinner we headed over to the lake to see the sunset.

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