Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gone Fishin

My brother and I drove close to the center of Hudson this morning where there are a couple small bodies of water to fish in near this walking path. Last night this guy told us there are plenty of fish to catch here, including some bass, so we decided to see for ourselves. When we arrived, we glanced over this bridge and could actually see the fish swimming close to the surface in a few areas so we knew it couldn't be too hard. Shown above are a couple photos of the fish we caught. It wasn't too big and we only caught one, but we had a lot of fun. Later in the day I headed downtown to meet up with Tami at the conclusion of her 3-day walk against cancer. She did a good job but will definitely have to let her feet rest now. As for me, I've been slacking with my running for the past week but will try to get my training going again this week. I have no other choice since I plan on running a 50K next month and then doing three 50 milers in 3 months.

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