Saturday, August 9, 2008

YUT-C Familarization Run

From left to right - Corey, John, Jim, Chuck, Jamie, Rob, & Bob

This morning we met at the Old Log Cabin in Mill Creek Park for a YUT-C familarization run. There were 4 out-of-towners that showed up to get a better understanding of the course before the official YUT-C 50K & 25K that will take place on Sept. 20th. The weather today was awesome. Mostly sunny with temperatures starting in the 60's and rising near 70. There were 2 distance options available today - an 8 mile loop and a 12 mile loop. When we arrived at the turnaround point for the 8 mile loop everyone wasn't sure if they wanted to go further but eventually we all agreed to do the full 12 mile loop. Afterwards I think everyone was happy that we went the extra distance.

Lake Glacier

Bob and Jim caged up like animals


Kim said...

I can't wait for YUT-C!! Guess I should sign up and pay for the race!

Cory42k said...

Thanks for the awesome run on Saturday! I hope I was able to get the trail all nice and clean for you without holding you up to much. Seriously, I had a blast! I'm just waiting to see if my work schedule will work around the date, but I'll see you at YUT-C! Thank you once again. -Cory

Brian said...

Kim - Definitely looking forward to it!

Cory - Glad you were able to join us! Your first couple falls scared me but you got your act together after that. Keep up the trail running and I'll see you soon!