Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, I haven't been feeling good or getting much sleep since Monday. In the spring I occasionally get major sinus issues and it makes me feel like I have a fever, dry throat, and an aching body. Looking at the weather we've had lately it's no wonder why so many people are sick. Last weekend was sunny and 70, Monday through Wednesday has been in the 30's at night, and this coming weekend the forecast calls for temperatures back near 80. Crazy! Well, I'm hoping that the warm weather this weekend sticks with us for good and I can get back to some big miles before tapering for the Massanutten 100 in May.


Clara said...

Isn't there a rule that you're not supposed to get sick when it's warm out? Get lots of sleep and drink some OJ! Hope you feel better soon.

Brian said...

Thanks.. I'm drinking OJ right now!