Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Well, I haven't run since this past Tuesday but I can tell that the rest is doing my right ankle good. I can barely feel any lingering tendinitis soreness and with good luck I'll hopefully be back on the trails tomorrow. It did feel nice to relax and enjoy this 4th of July weekend though. Yesterday Tami and I went to downtown Akron for dinner at the Ohio Brewing Co. and then watched fireworks from the top of a nearby parking deck. They were pretty good and lasted about 20-25 minutes.
Today I hung out at the pool with my brother and then we met my parents at the Winking Lizard in Peninsula for some food and beer. Alex Bevan was playing inside but we sat out on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather which is supposed to continue throughout this upcoming week with temps around 80 and mostly sunny.

After leaving the Winking Lizard we then headed over to the Oak Grove parking lot in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and went for a short hike to the Ice Box Cave and back. Here are a few pictures I took during the day...

Dad enjoying a tasty microbrew

Mom & Dad on the ledges trail

Dad wishing he had ate less at dinner

In between this corridor we noticed that someone had carved three nice looking pictures on the wall. Two of them were faces and the third looked like a horse. I wonder how long these have been here?

Later in the evening my brother and I headed to Sunny Lake Park in Aurora for their annual fireworks display. This was our first time checking out their show. We thought it was pretty decent, but the main excitement came at the end of the night when we were waiting in traffic to head home and this motorcyclist thought he would be cool by passing everyone in the left lane. Well, a few seconds later we saw him in a small ditch on the left side of the road, revving his engine like crazy to get out of it. I'm not sure if he hit another car or if he was drunk and accidentally went off the road but it was quite the scene. Residents came running out of their house to help him but then I heard this guy yelling at him and telling him that he didn't know how to operate his motorcycle properly. I was careful to drive past because this guy's bike was horizontal to the road and he was revving his engine so hard that once he hit pavement it was not going to be pretty!


Nick Billock said...

I had my girls out there near the Ice Box Cave a few days after the Kettle 100 and they found those carvings, too. No doubt...they've been there a long, L O N G time!

6pm tonight at Boston Store if you want to join me!

Have a great week, Brian!

Brian said...

The earliest I can meet at the Boston Store after work is 6:30. Starting this week I will have every Friday off though due to the economic downturn.

Thanks.. you too!