Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Ready

After many days of procrastination I finally decided to get my act in gear and start preparing what I need for this weekend's Burning River 100 miler.

The photo above shows my pace "cheat sheet" that I will carry with me during the race. Basically what I do is tape 2 notecards back to back and then cover it with packaging tape to protect it from the rain. This idea was given to me by my friend Bob and works very well. The first column on the left lists each aid station name, the 2nd column lists how long that section is, the 3rd column lists the cumulative distance traveled thus far, and the 4th column is divided into 2 parts. The top section (highlighted) shows the time that my friend Paul Lefelhocz came through each station last year, finishing up with a final time of just over 28 hours. The bottom section lists the cutoff times for each aid station in order to finish the race in under the 30 hour time limit.

Tonight I also labeled each of my drop bags that will be out on the course. The four aid stations highlighted in pink in the picture above show where each of these will be. Tomorrow I will finish packing everything I need and then hopefully I'll be able to get lots of much needed sleep. It will be hard to get much sleep Friday night though since I'll be waking up around 2am to drive to Cuyahoga Falls in order to catch the bus that's heading to the race start line in North Chagrin.


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a space set aside for that buckle! You are going to do great!

Brian said...

Thanks Mike! Hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...


Good luck. You can then get to the real ultra after (finishing the world tour at WL). I amy see you on the course as I picked up a pacer assignment. Godspeed!!


Brian said...

Thanks.. That's right! The Lizard World Tour and next year's MMT100 are my big goals, but first thing's first. Hope to see you on the course!