Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boston Store to Snowville Rd.

This morning my brother and I met at the Boston Store for an easy 10 mile run on the Buckeye Trail to Snowville Rd. and back. Before our run I noticed a lady inside the M.D. Garage with what looked like a dog in front of her. I saw it was sitting very still and didn't appear to be moving. Well, the closer I got to it I realized that it wasn't moving at all because it was stuffed! And it wasn't a dog but rather a coyote. Jeff and I both thought it was pretty neat how realistic it looked.

We also saw some pretty cool looking mushrooms on our trail run today. There was a huge cluster of bright orange ones and after looking online I realized that this was a "chicken mushroom". Click here to read about them.

Once again it was another great day to be on the trails. Sunshine and mid to upper 70s. My body felt great after today's run and I was happy to feel no tendonitis in my right ankle. Good confidence booster for the Burning River 100 that will take place in a couple weeks. Life is good!

As Randy Newman once said...
Burn on big river... Burn on!


Nick Billock said...

I saw those mushrooms, too, and wish I had my camera. Pretty cool. That coyote kinda freaks me out. Mean lookin' mutha!

T-10 days, bro! You and Jeff need to come out to the group run on Thursday night so we can talk some smack at the Lizard afterwards and you can work on earning your Lizard jacket. :-)

Taper well...

Brian said...

Yeah, someone did a great job stuffing that coyote.

I might be there on Thursday.. we'll see.