Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Originally Tami and I had planned on buying tickets to watch the 4th of July fireworks from Blossom, but with the chance of rain in the forecast we decided to go to the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland instead. When we first arrived downtown we had dinner at the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. I had a Hickory Burger along with a Dog Pound Brown ale and Tami had their Brewer's Club sandwich. Everything was great as usual and I definitely recommend trying this place out if you have not been here before.

After leaving the restaurant, we walked next door to the Cyrus Waterfront Restaurant & Patio to get our seats for the fireworks and enjoy the view of the city. NewsChannel 5 was broadcasting their 4th of July show from here and I ended up getting on TV a few times. It ended up being a very nice evening of weather and I was able to capture some of the following photos...

The fireworks were pretty good... However, we were a little disappointed at the length of the show, as we both thought they would've lasted longer.

Miles away from Ordinary.....

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Kim said...

Wow, I cannot believe that last shot!!! That looks something like Mike would have taken!!
You make Cleveland look good lol!