Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mill Creek Park Trail Run

This morning my friend Stacy Sowers (who looks very much like Indians designated hitter Travis Hafner) and I decided to meet up at the Fellows Riverside Gardens parking lot, which is located just above the Old Log Cabin next to start of the YUT-C 50K, for an 8 mile YUT-C loop.

It was another picture perfect day... which has been the story for most of this summer so far...

For those of you considering running the YUT-C 50K this fall, here are a few more pictures that I took on the trail to give you an idea of some of the technical terrain:

On our run we also stopped by a couple construction sites in the park to check out how much progress has been made. These next 2 pictures explain the rehabilitation of the steel suspension bridge and show the current stage that the bridge is in. The entire wooden floor underneath the road on the bridge has been removed and the ornate fixtures on top of the steel arches have been removed for repair.

We also stopped to check out the progress that Mill Creek Park has made on repairing the boardwalk leading up to Lanterman's Mill. It looks like concrete is being poured in order to extend the wooden posts further into the ground to avoid erosion... so... this section of the YUT-C 50K should hopefully be completed in time for the race in September.

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