Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ultimate Direction Waist Pack

After work tonight I stopped by Vertical Runner in Hudson, OH to pick up my Buckeye Trail 50K race packet. While I was there I decided to purchase a new waist pack (shown above) to wear during the race this Saturday. It is the "Solataire HHS" made by Ultimate Direction. I think one of my running buddies, Jim Harris, owns this same waist pack. Once I tried it on in the store and saw the design and how much the zippered pocket holds, it was a pretty easy decision to purchase it. The other thing I really like about it is the kicker valve that they have on the water bottle to replace your conventional nozzle.


Anonymous said...

Hey bro! How about a race report and a specific report on how you liked the waist pack!

Brian said...

This waistpack worked well and I am glad that I bought it.. The pull straps on the front are nice and can be folded up and tucked into a piece of velcro so that they are not dangling around while you are running. The storage area and zipper on the top of the pack is easily accessible and does not require you to swing the pack around your body to get into it. The water bottle is a good size (slightly larger than most), however, I had a hard time getting used to the "kicker valve". The water doesn't seem to come out as easy as your regular nozzle, but it became easier to use with more practice. Overall I would probably give this waistpack an A-. Definitely a nice product to have for a 50K.