Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Tami and I headed over to my parent's house in Warren today to celebrate Christmas with my family and exchange gifts. The night before we always go to her parent's house in North Royalton. It was a great Christmas again as always... Lots of food, wine, and good company. Here's a picture of the live tree that my family picked out for this year. It's a lot smaller than the ones we used to get in the past (if you can imagine that) but still a very nice one...

I got a lot of nice running stuff that I can put to good use. A new Patagonia capilene base layer, a couple long sleeve tech pullovers, a sleeveless Nike tech top, some gift certificates to Appalachian Outfitters, and some money that I'll most likely spend at Vertical Runner.

Later in the evening I went outside and noticed that everything was really bright due to the almost full moon. Tonight would've been a great evening for a night run.

Well, I'll leave you with a video from the History Channel that explains that we're actually celebrating the birth of Mithra, not Jesus? Hmm... Click Here to take a look back at how the tradition of Christmas came to be. Kind of interesting...

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