Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Warren Night Run

After work I stopped at my parent's house in Warren for another night run through the neighborhood and city parks with Bob. The weather was perfect for a winter run tonight. Upper 30s, no wind, and actually a litte bit of light in the sky since we didn't have complete cloud cover for once!

When we start these runs we're never sure how long or far we will go, but we usually try to get in at least an hour on our feet. On Monday we ran a steady pace for 6.5 miles. I was a little tired towards the end of that run, but I was hoping that this evening would be better. Tonight, Bob's son Shamus joined us on his bike and he ended up being a pretty good pace leader. He helped to pull us along and we found ourselves picking up the pace a lot throughout the run without even noticing it.

If you check out the following link you will see 2 red flags. One shows where we began our run tonight, and the other shows where we turned around in Courthouse Square and headed back. Along the way you will also see the 2 city parks that we ran through (Perkins and Packard Park) -

Here are some pictures of Perkins Park and the "Riverwalk" path that follow along... you guessed it.... the river!

I didn't stop my watch everytime we slowed up or came to a stop tonight, but when I got back to my parent's house it said that we had run about 7.5 miles in about an hour. So... overall, a pretty decent training run. The next 2 days I'll most likely either take off or do some kind of light cardio, in preparation of the URINEO FA 50 Miler. As of now my plan is to do 50K (31 miles) of the total distance unless I really feel into it and then maybe I'll attempt the entire 50. Looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces on Saturday!

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