Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Witch Run

My brother Jeff and I were looking forward to heading over to West Branch State Park tonight for the 1 year anniversary of our witch experience. If you want to read about it - Click Here

Bob, Stacy, and his son Taylor also joined us for the fun. As we arrived at the west boat dock parking lot I was greeted by Stacy jamming to Rob Zombie's "Dragula" song. In the lyrics he says "Dig through the ditches, burn through the witches". I thought that was pretty funny and took this video of Stacy getting pumped up...

The flat and wider trails were still pretty soaked tonight but the rocky, single track trails we were on for most of the time were in decent shape. The temperature was just above freezing with a clear sky. Later on as darkness took over, the stars shined very bright and we stopped a few times to admire them. Weather conditions were very similar at this time last year but with the exception of some snow and fog. Along the way everyone poked fun at Jeff and I for our experience from last year and would say "Did you hear that?" or "Did you see that light up there?". It's ok though... we both know what we heard last year was not something you would normally hear, even in the woods.

Later on towards the end of our run Bob said he needed to head home so Stacy, Taylor, Jeff, and I continued on towards the mountain bike trail marked with the "Experts Only" sign. This is where my brother and I heard the unusual scream last year so we thought we'd check it out again. We walked this entire half mile section because there are so many large rocks and because Taylor's batteries in his light had died. After coming to the end of this trail we turned around and headed back to our cars to complete our 7.5 mile run. Unfortunately there was nothing strange for us to report on. It was almost too quiet in the woods tonight. Maybe that's a good thing... or... is it??


Josh said...

I'm diggin the warm up dance!

Jamie said...

haha Tronk is back!