Saturday, December 22, 2007

West Branch Trail Run

My brother and I met at West Branch State Park today for an easy 5 mile trail run. The temperature was great - upper 40s. However, the trails were pretty soaked in a lot of areas and it didn't take long for us to get our feet wet. Along the way we messed around a bunch, swinging on vines and throwing snowballs.

Before/After our run

We took our usual route which starts on a wide trail, turns into a more narrow and technical trail, and then eventually meets up with a very technical mountain bike trail. This section is very difficult to run on and has many rocks scattered throughout (as you can see from the picture below).Halfway into the run we came across some members of CAMBA who were placing flags to mark a section of trail that they were planning to work on in the future. These guys do a great job of establishing new trails and maintaining existing ones. After talking to them for a bit we then decided to follow their markings for as long as we could to see what they were planning on doing. We soon realized that the markings didn't go on for too long, but they did take us to a neat area which overlooks this stream running through a valley (see video below). Jeff and I didn't think that we've ever been to this area before, but it might just be unfamiliar to us now since the water level is up due to the snow melt.

Before getting in our cars to head home Jeff decided to take a few shots at hitting this stop sign with a snowball that was about 15-20 yards away. He was successful... See the video here.

On my way home I stopped on the bridge overlooking West Branch's large lake to get a quick photo. The sun coming through the clouds made it look pretty neat...

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