Monday, October 13, 2008

Boston Store to Pine Lane

I was pretty tired this afternoon but decided to look on Vertical Runner's message board to see if anyone had any group runs planned for this evening. Luckily I found just what I was looking for. Trevor from Brunswick Hills was planning on running from the Boston Store to Pine Lane and back (8 miles) around 5:30pm. So I hurried and got my stuff together and drove over there. I thought to myself... Even though I probably don't need many miles before my long run on Saturday, it may be a good idea to loosen up the legs and get in an easy run while the weather is still nice. The high for today was close to 80 under sunny skies. Luckily Trevor was in recovery mode so we both had the same pace in mind for our run. We made it to Pine Lane in 45 minutes and made it back to the Boston Store in an hour and 30 minutes. We both turned our ankles a few times as a result of leaves on the trail and diminishing sunlight, but we were able to walk it off without any problem. Once again the scenery was beautiful today with the leaves turning many different bright shades of yellow, orange, etc.