Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Days Trail Run

From left to right: Nick, Jeff, Courtney, Brandon, Me

This morning my brother and I headed over to Happy Days to meet a few others for a 7:00 am trail run. Man, this is too early for me. It's nice to see the sun rise though and be able to complete your run before 10 o'clock. We started out on the ledges trail, ran up to the Overlook, then continued over to Kendall Hills. We then hopped onto the Salt Run trail, ran that back to Kendall Lake, up to the ledges trail again, and then made our way back to where we started. This gave me 10.5 miles for the day and increased my weekly mileage up over 40, which hasn't happened for awhile. It was definitely an awesome morning for a run. Nice cool air, sunshine through the trees, a great group of people, and the changing leaves. It doesn't get much better than this.

Fog rising over Kendall Lake

Surprising Courtney on the Ledges Trail

Jeff ran the last mile a little too fast I think

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