Tuesday, October 28, 2008

West Branch BT Night Run

After work I drove to West Branch State Park and met up with Bob, Jim, and my brother Jeff for a night run on the Buckeye Trail. This was a new section of the BT that I hadn't been on yet and I enjoyed it very much. Tonight was our first NEO Trail night run for the fall/winter season with temperatures in the mid 30's, a strong wind, and some light rain/sleet/snow mixed in. It usually isn't quite this cold in late October, but thankfully we're supposed to get another warmup starting on Thursday.

Tonight we ran for about an hour and a half and included some stream crossings and off-piste running. In the picture below you'll see Jim wading through water almost up to his knees. It was very cold at first but your body gets used to it eventually. Above the 2 tunnels you'll see the railroad tracks that we eventually ran on. We had a lot of fun playing around in this area and walked through sections of mud that were like quicksand, making our feet sink completely under.

Once we got back to our cars Bill Losey (another NEO Trail Club member) was waiting for us and we hung around and chatted for awhile. Once again, it was another fun night in the woods and I'm already looking forward to our next adventure!

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