Saturday, March 28, 2009

60 Degree Trail Run

Heading uphill towards Pine Hollow
After last night's trail run I decided to get some much needed rest by sleeping in this morning. In fact, I probably could've layed around all day but as the day went on and the temperature continued to rise into the lower 60's I realized that it was just too nice of a day to pass up. So, I drove over to the Happy Days Visitor Center and did a trail run by myself that included the ledges & overlook, the Pine Grove trail, Kendall Hills, Salt Run, and the Lake Trail. I took it nice and easy today and made sure to enjoy the scenery and warm sunshine. Click here to see more pictures that I took from today's run. I finished up with a total of 12 miles and then headed over to the Winking Lizard for some food/beer and watched Villanova beat Pittsburgh right before the buzzer sounded. If they can just win 2 more games I'll get 1st place in this pool that I'm in and collect over $1,400!

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