Wednesday, March 11, 2009

North Face Venture Jacket

Well... after researching a bunch of online winter sales and comparing different products, I finally decided to purchase the North Face Venture on My friend Jim Harris infomed me of this sale when it became available and I was able to buy the last large they had in stock in the Basin Blue color. This jacket retails in store for $99 before tax but I was lucky enough to get it for $75, which includes shipping. Even though I'm looking forward to better weather here in N.E. Ohio, I can't wait to get this jacket delivered and be able to use it in extreme weather conditions!


Kim said...

Dude, winter is over. (I hope.)

Looks like a good piece of winter equipment!

Clara said...

How does the hood work during a run? Does it stay on? I've never run with one. :)

Brian said...

Kim - You never know.. The Cleveland Indians home opener was snowed out last April. But I do hope that we're heading into spring.

Clara - There are drawstrings on each side of the hood that you pull down so that it doesn't come off.