Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boston to Snowville Night Run

This evening I posted a message on Facebook to see if anyone was interested in going for a night trail run and surprisingly minutes later I received a response back from local runner Heidi Finniff. Gotta love technology! We agreed to meet at the Boston Store @ 9pm and ended up running to Snowville Rd. and back, which is a total of 10 miles.

It was a great night for a trail run but a little cool with temperatures between 40 and 45 degrees. The clear sky was beautiful and the stars shined brightly. We wondered where the moon was, but after looking online I saw that we are getting close to a new moon which happens on Thursday.

The strangest thing of the night was on our way back to the Boston Store. We were on top of a ridge just before heading through this thick section of pine trees before Columbia Rd. and I noticed an orange light in the distance off to our right side. At first I thought it was one of those warning lights connected to a street sign but the longer we looked at it we could tell it was flickering and came to the conclusion that someone must have a fire going. Then we remembered these 2 cars parked next to the trail head on Columbia Rd. that we passed on our way out to Snowville Rd. and thought that maybe there were some people camping out. As we made our way down through the thick section of pine trees by the stream we could tell the fire was a lot closer but decided to continue moving on even though we were curious. I'm sure if someone was down there they were probably wondering what we were up to also.


Heidi Finniff said...

It was a nice run. Glad we went. Thanks for all the scary stories. It made the run go pretty quick!!

Brian said...

Ditto.. hope to do it again soon!

Clara said...

Night runs are the best.