Friday, March 27, 2009

Boston Store Night Run

Me, Chris, Nick, Courtney & Bill
Tonight a few of us met at the Boston Store at 9pm for a night trail run. The temperature was perfect all night - low 50's to start and then gradually dropping into the upper 40's. We planned on running to Snowville Rd. and back (10 miles) and then once back at the Boston Store everyone could figure out if they would like to do more. At this point everyone decided to head home, but Nick and I hopped back on the trail and headed towards Pine Lane. Our original idea was to do an out-and-back to Pine Lane and finish up with a total of 20 miles, but just after we crossed the Turnpike Nick said he wanted to get some sleep and wasn't feeling too motivated. So, we decided to take the gravel path that follows alongside the Turnpike back to the Boston Store to finish up with 13 miles.
Once Nick was gone though I decided to head towards Snowville Rd. again by myself to get in some extra miles. However, the question of how much farther I wanted to go would soon be answered. When I reached the "Piano Keys" staircase I heard some rustling in the leaves near the bottom and when I shined my light in that direction I saw a pretty large black and white animal pacing back and forth. Can you guess what it was? That's right... a skunk! Just what I didn't want to see. I shined my light back and forth and yelled at it some but he wasn't budging and I didn't want to get sprayed, so I decided to turn around and call it a night with a total of 15 miles. Everyone had a great time this evening and we all enjoyed the many small things that make night trail running so awesome. The stars were out, the woods were extremely quiet, and the sound of streams and waterfalls around us was very soothing. I'm already looking forward to our next group night run!

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