Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Days to Kendall

This evening I met my brother at Happy Days for a trail run.  On our way there we experienced a lot of freezing drizzle since temps were in the upper 20’s.  By the time we finished, our cars were a complete glaze of ice.  Thankfully the roads were salted very well.

We ran the Ledges Trail, did the Pine Grove loop twice on our way to and from Kendall Lake, and finished up with 6 miles.  The snow on the most used trails was packed down but there were other sections where we were breaking trail in 3-4 inches of snow, making things more difficult.  My handheld light started dimming halfway through but I knew it had enough juice to get us through the technical sections and the snow made things bright enough to see everything else.  It was a very quiet and relaxing run.  Afterwards we stopped by the Winking Lizard to watch the Cavs game and enjoy a few microbrews!