Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kendall Lake Area


This afternoon my brother and I met at Kendall Lake for a 7 mile trail run.  We headed over to the cross country trail and decided to take the long straight route that follows alongside the big open field and leads to the Buckeye Sports Center.  Eventually we came up to a sign that said “Leaving the CVNP”, so we knew that we were now heading onto someone else’s property.  We decided to do a little exploring but stay within the general vicinity of the park.  We followed alongside the property line and were surprised to see these crosses in the very back of someone’s field.  We were hoping that they just buried their pets here…

DSC00172We began to wonder though as we went a little further and spotted what appeared to be some sort of Halloween maze.  There was white string tied from tree to tree, but also attached to the string were these skull bags…

DSC00173 We keep moving and eventually came up to a pond.  Luckily we were able to follow a game trail along the left side of it, which then looped around and took us back to the trails next to the Kendall Hills area.



Just a reminder… these aren’t chocolate expresso beans!


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