Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In Deer We Trust


This evening my brother and I met at the Happy Days parking lot for an off-piste trail run.  We decided to head north over the steep hillside on the far end of the parking lot and do some exploring over there.  The snow had a nice crusty layer on top which made the downhills very fun and manageable.  We did a lot of bushwhacking and found some awesome hills and ridges to climb up as we headed north towards Akron Peninsula Rd.  The one thing that we both noticed were a lot of very nice game trails made by deer in this area.  We also noticed that these trails usually ended up being a good route to take and put us where we wanted to be.  Deer might be stupid on the road, but they’re pretty smart in the woods!

When we reached the top of this one high point and looked north we could see a pretty massive hill not too far from us.  It looked pretty challenging and tempting, but we both wanted to get back at a decent time so we turned around at this point and headed back to our cars, basically completing one big loop in an hour and a half.  Just after crossing the main stream for the last time and before we headed up our final climb, I had to stop for a moment and take a picture of the moon resting on top of the ridge we were about to climb up….



It was the perfect way to end a fun evening and I’m already looking forward to exploring more of this area another time.

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