Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Trail Run


This morning I met a couple “trail newbies”, Kevin and Kirstie Farley, at Kendall Lake for a trail run over at Camp Manatoc. By the end of the run however, I found out and I think they also found out that they are better running on trails (and off-trail) than they once thought.


We started by picking up the yellow Boy Scout trail right next to Truxell Road. Then we followed that up to the “Kendall View” sign and continued on over to Lake Litchfield. After running down a ridge that led to a dead-end with the lake on both sides of us, we backtracked and ran around the lake and up to the administration building near the maintenance area.

Then we continued over to the climbing tower, made our way through the Manatoc Council Ring, and finished up our 4 mile loop by going off-piste and reconnecting with the trail we started on. Here's Kirsite practicing her balance at the obstacle course...

Just after passing through the Manatoc Council Ring we then spotted this large deer…


Back at Kendall Lake, Kirstie and Kevin called it a day since they had just done a long run yesterday. I decided to continue on though and drove over to Happy Days to see if Wild Bill Wagner was still running around collecting trail markings that were used during this past weekend’s Run for Regis 50K. I didn’t see his car there so I ran over to the Ledges Trail and put in another 5 miles to the Pine Grove Trail and back, for a total of 9 miles for the day.

Then I headed over to the Winking Lizard and took advantage of a lunch special they had by ordering a delicious Bayou Burger topped with spices and lots of mushrooms. Any vacation day is certainly enjoyable, but today was one of those days that was extra fun! To view a few other photos from the day, click here.


kccat said...

Thanks for a wonderful on/off trail run. I think it did give us both the encouragement we needed to get back on the trails. Great pics too. No pics of the balancing act on the wooden pole? I think that was my best achievement all day.

ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

Look's like you guys and gals had fun. I had to work, so I had my run 600am. Not so much fun!