Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boston Run Trail

This evening Steve and I decided to meet at the Happy Days Visitor Center parking lot again for a run on the 3.5 mile Boston Run Trail. I enjoy its mixture of small rocks, roots, hills, and turns. Nothing too difficult or technical, but it's a great place to get in a short run after work. The weather was perfect tonight... Sunny, upper 70s, cool breeze, and low humidity.

Steve is still getting back into running form so we thought this would be a good trail to run again to judge his progress. I was glad to see that he ran at a decent pace for most of the run tonight and limited his walking to only a few hills, which was a large improvement over the last time we ran here. A couple more weeks of running and he should have a lot of his breathing back and be ready to increase his mileage. As for me, I felt great tonight and did not feel any soreness afterwards. So far my increased mileage is not taking a toll on my body and I'm looking forward to getting in longer runs each week before all of the marathons and ultra marathons take place this fall. The best part of the run tonight for me was sprinting up the entire length of the last big hill which takes you back to the grass field next to the Happy Days parking lot. It always feels good to let loose and really give it your all at the end of a run.

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Mike said...

Nice job Steve! Keep running with Brian and you will get where you want to be!

He has helped me a lot in my running, and is a great person to run with at night on the trails! Hint: If you can find deer you can always get him to slow down and chase around after the animals.

I hope I can run with both of you guys soon! Brian, I gotta get you your DVDs back! Thanks for the borrow of them!