Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Days to Kendall Hills

This morning Bob and I met early around 7AM at the Happy Days Visitor Center parking lot. Our goal was to get a couple hours of trail running in before the daytime heat took effect. We started off running the Burning River course up to the ledges, then continued on the trail past Kendall Lake and over to the Kendall Hills area. The humidity was very high today and we started off easy but gradually felt better as the run went on. About an hour and a half or so into the run we saw a group of familiar faces heading towards us (Roy Heger, Tanya Cady, Bob Lisy, Julie Aveni, Janet Edwards, and about 4 or 5 others) so we turned around and ran the rest of our run with them. We ended up doing a couple hill repeats over at Kendall Hills which was fun and enjoyed a lot of good trail conversation with everyone. We eventually headed back to the Happy Days parking lot with them since their cars were parked at Pine Lane. As we reached the Happy Days parking lot we topped off our water bottles with some water that Bob had in his car and then continued on the Boston Run Trail, which is about 3.5 miles. On this trail the other runners with us peeled off to the right and headed back to Pine Lane, which left Bob and I to finish up the Boston Run trail. We picked up the pace some through this area and then really pushed it up the last hill back to the parking lot. After Bob and I were done we felt really good about our efforts and being able to get in about 13 miles today. Definitely a good training run..


DaisyDuc said...

Hey Brian!! It was nice to finally meet you Saturday!!

Sounds like your run went well. We managed to fit in around 20 miles on the day which tuckered me out as I don't run them tiring trails too often! Hopefully I will see ya around soon!

Brian said...

Nice meeting you too!

Drop me a line whenever you want to get in some more miles in the Cuyahoga Valley.. I am always up for it!