Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Boston Run Trail

I called Steve after work tonight and convinced him to meet me at the Happy Days parking lot for a 3.5 mile run on the Boston Trail, even though the air was very thick tonight. We were both dripping with sweat right from the start and it was hard for us to get our breathing right. As the run went on it got more tolerable though, as it usually does. This was Steve's 3rd day of running in a row with a goal of continuing to lower his time on this trail. He succeded by cutting off 2 minutes from his best time here, finishing in 32 min. and 40 sec. His time for this trail still has a lot of room for progress, but it was a very good improvement considering the weather and his recent increased mileage.

We both pushed hard up the last hill to the grass clearing and were greeted with the sun setting over the trees...

Tonight I also committed to running the last leg of the Akron Marathon Relay (7.6 miles) with Steve and 3 of his co-workers. This will take place the weekend after I run the YUT-C 50K so I will have to make sure to rest up for some pavement pounding.

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Mike said...

Keep it up Steve!

And Brian, I know I heard of it before, but your 3:08 marathon is AWESOME! Knowing how hard it is just to break 4 puts that in perspective.