Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mill Creek Park - Lily Pond

After work I headed over to the Lily Pond parking lot in Mill Creek Park (Youngstown, OH) for a Wednesday evening trail run with Bob and ultra legend John DeWalt. John is 71 yrs. old and most recently completed his 12th Hardrock 100 Miler on July 13th with a time of 47 hrs, 36 minutes. Truly amazing... I hope that when I reach his age I am still able to participate in races and enjoy running trails as much as he does.

Me, Bob, & Johnny D

We started off with a plan tonight of running one 8 mile YUT-C loop, but ended up cutting it a little short and doing a little over 6 miles due to sunset. The high humidity also played a factor and made breathing somewhat difficult. The later part of this week is supposed to cool down and should make for more comfortable running conditions. Next Wednesday we will be meeting at the Lily Pond again for another trail run. We will meet at 5:30pm and start running around 5:45. If you are interested in joining us check out the Group Run section on the TeamPR Forum.

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