Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Days to Kendall Hills

Instead of waking up early for a run today, Jeff and I decided to meet around 12 o'clock at Happy Days. From there we ran the ledges trail up to the Overlook, then over to the Kendall Hills area before heading back for a total of 7 miles. Everything seemed perfect for a run today. 60 degrees, cool air, warm sun, and there were still lots of beautiful trees to look at. The bright yellow leaves along the way made everything look really nice today. Also, I must commend the park for doing an excellent job cleaning the leaves off the trail, as you can see in the photos below...

Little Pebble at Little Meadow

The suprise of the day... On our way back from Kendall Hills we were about to run around Kendall Lake when all of a sudden we noticed a pie pan with an arrow on it and some orange streamers marking a trail. The markings went up a hill that seemd to be too steep to be an actual trail but we were curious so we continued on. When we reached the top of the hill we noticed a concrete pad that seemed to be out of place and a plastic bag on top of it which contained a book. This seemed really odd and out of place but then I noticed that the bag was labeled "Run with Scissors" and immediately I remembered that this was part of Roy Heger's "Run with Scissors" FA run that took place last weekend. During the run each runner has to cut a page out of the book to prove that they were there. As for the concrete pad, I think this used to be an old toboggan chute back in the day.

In the Deep Woods - by Nicholas Conde
A chilling novel of suspense--now an explosive NBC-TV movie, starring Rosanna Arquette and Anthony Perkins. After her best friend is murdered by a serial killer, children's book illustrator Carol Warren begins to suspect that the killer is someone she knows. Someone she knows quite well.

I'm intrigued... Sounds like a good book to read sometime. Just not before a night trail run!

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