Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter is here!

Here's how much snow was on top of my car at 1:30 am. I figured I better clean off my car before heading to bed or else I'll be a real happy camper in the morning. One thing that seems to be helping though so far is this bottle of Prestone's new Ice & Frost Shield that I bought earlier this evening. Basically you just spray it on your car windows and the formula provides a resilient barrier between the environment and your automotive glass, thus reducing the accumulation and adhesion of frost and light ice so that you don't have to use your scraper.

We already have 3-4 inches on the ground here in Streetsboro with 2-4 more predicted for tomorrow. As much as I hate to see the start of winter, the snow does make for interesting trail runs and gives you a good tough workout.

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