Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Shoes and Tights

I stopped by Vertical Runner today to purchase a new pair of trail shoes. I was looking for something lighter than my Montrail Continental Divide's but heavier than the Merrell CP Paragon which I recently purchased. I really like my Merrell's when I'm not running too far and want to feel light, but they don't offer the support and stability that my Montrail's do. Another feature I really like on the Continental Divide is their aggressive tread pattern (shown above).

So, I decided to try on the Montrail Streak and the new Montrail Wildwood. The Streak doesn't offer as much support as the Wildwood's do but I thought that both felt pretty good. The only thing that discouraged me from getting either of these shoes was that I could feel my heel slipping a little bit too much. Therefore, I decided to stick with my tried and true and purchased another pair of Continental Divides.

I also decided to purchase a pair of Sugoi SubZero tights since I've been needing a new pair for some time now and because the weather forecast shows colder temps and our first significant snowfall in the next few days. Both of these items will definitely come in handy next weekend when I run 52 miles on the Laurel Highlands Trail.


Brian said...

thanks for not posting the pic of you in your new tights. not something i want to picture. :)

Brian said...

Come on.. You know you liked my Burger King costume.