Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mill Creek Park Trail Run

From left to right: Chris, Kyrsti, Taylor, Stacy, Jeff, Eric, Jamie, Me, and Bruce (Mark Sorrentino took the photo)
This morning my brother, sister, and I headed over to Mill Creek Park for a group run that started from the Old Log Cabin. We parked up above at the Fellows Riverside Gardens parking lot and met Eric (new NEO Trail Club member) who drove in from Pittsburgh to check out the trails before doing the URINEO FA 50 Miler on Dec. 13th. After walking down the hill to the log cabin we were pleasantly surprised to see how many people showed up for this morning's run. The weather also made it pretty nice today. Temperatures started off around freezing but it was sunny and later in the day it warmed up to near 40. In N.E. Ohio we'll take any sunny day we can get in the winter months!

Next to the waterfall overlooking Lake Newport

Jamie, Jeff, Eric and I all did one full YUT-C loop (approx. 12 miles) while everyone else turned around at the Covered Bridge to complete 8 miles. Here's a video I took of everyone coming down the last big hill on the Monkey Trail. What did you say at the beginning Bruce? Don't catch me doing anything stupid now Brian? The funniest part though is watching Stacy (AKA Tronk or Super Sport) get excited as he comes down the roller coaster!!

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