Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Run

This morning I met up with Gombu, Slim, and Moose in Mill Creek Park for an 8 mile trail run. We started at the Old Log Cabin (start/finish of the YUT-C 50K / 25K) and ran to Lanterman's Mill and back. It was another great day of sunshine with temps in the low to upper 70's. On our way back to the cabin we ran the "Big Bear" trail section and decided to head down this hill to explore a large rock valley which has been grooved out through the years from lots of flowing water. Here's a picture of what this section looks like during the fall...

We've always wanted to jump into the water beneath the upper waterfall during a hot summer day, but just never got around to doing it. Well... today the temptation was just too much for all of us to ignore. Here's an aerial shot of the upper waterfall, along with a video of Slim and I jumping into the water...



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